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Welcome to Iowa’s Direct Care Professional Directory, also known as The Care Book. This site provides information about direct care professionals who have completed training and certificates in Prepare to Care: Iowa’s Direct Care and Support Curriculum. Iowa’s first-ever comprehensive training package prepares people to work in a variety of direct care settings. Direct Care Professionals go by many different job titles and provide supportive services and care for people of all ages with health conditions, illnesses and disabilities. The Iowa Department of Public Health and University of Iowa College of Nursing have developed introductory and advanced classroom training courses (Core, Home and Community Living, Personal Support, Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, Personal Activities of Daily Living, and Health Monitoring and Maintenance). For more information about instructors, classes, and the advanced certificate exams available, visit http://iowapreparetocare.com/. To access the Core training course online, visit http://directcare.training-source.org/.

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